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ERCHA/NRCHA Futurity and Nations Cup 2016

From September 7th until 11th, 2016 the famous Horseacademy of Mooslargue – France gets into the focus of the reined cow horse fans from all over the world

Visitors know and love the European Reined Cow Horse Association Futurity, this show is one of the big highlights of Europe’s premier events. ERCHA President, Markus Schopfer is pleased to use the historic Horseacademy of Mooslargue as location for this important show.

Another first appearance in Europe was the ERCHA/NRCHA Nations Cup with top cow horse riders from all over the world. The show which combines a team and an individual competition, goes back to the idea of ERCHA president Markus Schopfer. The idea of the Nations Cup attracted huge attention at once – so far, already six nations announced their coming.

The total added of the show is very important: $8,000 in the Futurity Open, $3,000 in the Non Pro division, $500 in the new Novice Amateur class of the Futurity and last but not least $5,000 will be the added for the Nations Cup. So now we will know who are the champions of this ERCHA Futurity + Nations Cup!

12 riders from all over the Europe took the scene in the beautiful arena of Horseacademy in a very nice Futurity combined with 3 Nations of reining. In the Open $8,000-Added division the winner is Markus Schopfer with Magic Nu Cash between the reins. Magic Nu Cash is a 4 year-old gelding owned by Eliane Gfeller and Christoph Seiler. Horse rider combination total score is a 291 (71 herd/70 rein/75 cow/75 cow final), and they are on the third place after the go round and during the only cow work repeat themselves! “I’m very happy for this horse, he grow a lot during the last month and now he understand really his job!” commented Markus after the awards ceremony.

Draw 6 Giovanni Campanaro and WR Smoke Time owned by Giovanni Lagaren from Italy top the second place with a total score of 289.5 (72 herd/70.5 rein/74 cow/73 cow final). Still Giovanni Campanaro on the third place of the podium with Silver Smooth Boogie owned by Jean Luc Renaud and the total of 284 (74 herd/65 rein/73 cow/72 cow final).

The winner of the Limited Open Futurity is German professional Patrick Sattler with Hollywoods Buckolena between the reins. Their total was a 211.5 (68 her/71.5 rein/72 cow). Thanks to this composite rider horse combination qualified also for the Open finals where they end at the fifth place. On the second step of the podium ERCHA Board of directors member: Mauro Taccia and his Spangled Speedy with a total of 207.5 (64 herd/71.5 rein/72 cow).

Same rankings for the two divisions reserved to the non professional riders. Futurity Non Pro, Limited Non Pro and Novice Amateur winner is Riccardo Abati riding his 3-year-old mare Be A Smart Senorita.

Their composite for Non Pro and Limited Non Pro divisions was a 278.5 (70 herd/68.5 rein/70 cow/70 cow final). Second place for Shirley Schalcher and Snapper Me Haida from Switzerland with a total of 190.5 (60 herd/68.5 rein/62 cow/0 cow final). In the Amateur division the winner is always Riccardo Abati with a total of 208.5 and 190.5 is the total of Shirley Schalcher who placed second.

This very first ever Nations Cup team competition in the history of the working cow horse saw Italy on the first step of the podium with a total of 648 points. Team Italy is composed by: Markus Schopfer and Peptos Lil Bingo (75 herd/70.5 rein/71 cow), Claudio Salvia and Frozen Peppys Lena (71 herd/71 rein/72.5 cow), Giovanni Campanaro and Smart Speedy (71 herd/72.5 rein/73.5 cow) and Stefano Chiari riding Buenomax (71 herd/70 rein/73 cow).

On the second step of the podium with a total of 639 behind the winners, team Germany: Patrick Sattler and Shooters Little Sun (70.5 herd/70.5 rein/75 cow), Philipp Martin Haug with Peppy Steppin Jac (69 herd/71 rein/72 cow), Kay Wienrich and Vals Hangten Harry (69 herd/71.5 rein/70.5 cow), Maik Bartmann with Smart Little Theo (66 herd/71.5 rein/71 cow).

Team of the hosting nation, France placed third with a total of 628: Franck Ayache with Doc Shining Ricci (71 herd/69.5 rein/71.5 cow), Jacky Molliex Don-Jon and Backers Premium Choice (67 herd/69.5 rein/71.5 cow), Laurent Buttigliero with A Red Little Star (70 herd/67.5 rein/70 cow), Jean Luc Renaud and Pepto Lucky (70 herd/67 rein/69 cow).

Following only 2 points behind is team Czech Republic: Ondrej Houska and This Cats Light (72 herd/70 rein/74 cow), Radek Holub with Chelsea Little Star (68.5 herd/68.5 rein/67 cow), Tomas Barta and Smoking Cowboy SB (66 herd/70 rein/70 cow).

Fifth place with 543.5 points for team Switzerland: Shirley Schalcher and Big And Sweet BB (64 herd/72 rein/69 cow), Nathalie Ten Sjthoff with Twister Olena Chic (64 herd/68 rein/69 cow), Eliane Gfeller and Walla Dundee Whiz (68 herd/0 rein/69.5 cow).

Giovanni Campanaro and Smart Speedy are on the top of the individual ranking of the Nations Cup! Thanks to their total of 217 points (71 herd/72.5 rein/73.5 cow) they are the very first champions of the history. On the second place we can find Markus Schopfer and Peptos Lil Bingo with a total of 216.5 (75 herd/70.5 rein/71 cow). Ondrej Houska and This Cats Light topped the third place honors with a 216 (72 herd/70 rein/74 cow).

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